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National Health Administrators, Inc., Provides Real Value

For more than 45 years, Joseph E. Fiegoli has been a leader in the insurance industry, especially in the area of self-funded healthcare plans. In a volatile economy with healthcare costs rising rapidly and sometimes uncontrollably, he and his organization, National Health Administrators, Inc. (NHAI), have managed not only to hold the line, but to … Continue reading

Choosing a Health Care Provider

Joseph E. Fiegoli is president of National Health Administrators, Inc., a company that provides administrative and management services for sponsors of health care plans. Throughout his more than 20 years of experience in health care, Joseph Fiegoli has helped numerous companies and individuals find affordable care. The following are tips to consider when choosing between … Continue reading

Maria Fareri Foundation Launches New Palliative Care Program

Joseph E. Fiegoli founded National Health Administrators, Inc., (previously named Health Net Inc.) in 1990 to provide self-financed health insurance benefits to those in the state of New York looking for reliable health care. Through NHAI, Joseph Fiegoli has awarded 23 scholarships to graduating high school seniors since 1997 and sponsored over a dozen charities. … Continue reading

Kingston Teachers’ Federation Keeps Promises

Joseph Fiegoli is president of National Health Administrators, Inc., in Peekskill, New York, and an advocate of quality healthcare in the state. In 2005, Joseph Fiegoli presented a plan for healthcare to the Kingston Teachers’ Federation with a vision to provide them with the highest coverage and compensation levels. With the help of Mr. Fiegoli, … Continue reading

Dedicated Health Insurance Solutions for Kingston Teachers’ Federation

As founder of Peekskill, New York-based National Health Administrators, Inc., Joseph E. Fiegoli provides a host of self-insured health insurance solutions. Having received numerous client testimonials, Joseph E. Fiegoli and his team particularly welcomed a letter from the Kingston Teachers’ Federation with the title “promises made, promises kept.” Written in 2005 by the organization’s president, … Continue reading

The Kingston Trust Fund

Health insurance executive Joseph E. Fiegoli is the president of National Health Administrators, Inc., a New York-based firm that serves the self-insured health insurance market. Joseph Fiegoli has been helping clients in upstate New York obtain the medical services they need in order to lead a healthy life. One of Joe Fiegoli’s greatest professional achievements … Continue reading

Joseph Fiegoli: National Health Administrators, Inc., Gives Back to New York Communities

National Health Administrators, Inc., founded by Joseph E. Fiegoli, is a New York-based firm serving the self-insured health insurance market. Serving the upstate New York region for more than 15 years, the company has given back in dozens of ways to the teacher’s unions and municipalities they have served. National Health Administrators, Inc., provided the … Continue reading

Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans May Lower Employer Costs By Joseph E. Fiegoli

As opposed to paying a monthly premium to an insurance company many companies choose to control their own destiny by self-insuring their health plan, typically employing an Executive Third Party Administrator to administer their health plan on a daily basis. Utilizing a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) typically reduces medical costs and gives the member a … Continue reading

Joseph E. Fiegoli on Special Olympics Events in New York

Joseph Fiegoli, founder of National Health Administrators, Inc., in Peekskill, New York, sponsors the Special Olympics. In New York state, there are some ten or more Special Olympics events each month. Here, Mr. Fiegoli shares a few of his top choices for this spring. + Long Island Basketball Tournament on March 3rd. Athletes can register … Continue reading

Joseph E. Fiegoli on Choosing a Health Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan may induce a bit of anxiety as you weed through plan options and industry jargon. Joseph Fiegoli, founder of National Health Administrators, Inc., provides clarity with three tips for choosing the plan that meets your needs best. 1. Make a decision between three plan types: health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred … Continue reading