Choosing a Health Care Provider

Joseph E. Fiegoli is president of National Health Administrators, Inc., a company that provides administrative and management services for sponsors of health care plans. Throughout his more than 20 years of experience in health care, Joseph Fiegoli has helped numerous companies and individuals find affordable care. The following are tips to consider when choosing between … Continue reading

Maria Fareri Foundation Launches New Palliative Care Program

Joseph E. Fiegoli founded National Health Administrators, Inc., (previously named Health Net Inc.) in 1990 to provide self-financed health insurance benefits to those in the state of New York looking for reliable health care. Through NHAI, Joseph Fiegoli has awarded 23 scholarships to graduating high school seniors since 1997 and sponsored over a dozen charities. … Continue reading

Kingston Teachers’ Federation Keeps Promises

Joseph Fiegoli is president of National Health Administrators, Inc., in Peekskill, New York, and an advocate of quality healthcare in the state. In 2005, Joseph Fiegoli presented a plan for healthcare to the Kingston Teachers’ Federation with a vision to provide them with the highest coverage and compensation levels. With the help of Mr. Fiegoli, … Continue reading