Maria Fareri Foundation Launches New Palliative Care Program

Joseph E. Fiegoli founded National Health Administrators, Inc., (previously named Health Net Inc.) in 1990 to provide self-financed health insurance benefits to those in the state of New York looking for reliable health care. Through NHAI, Joseph Fiegoli has awarded 23 scholarships to graduating high school seniors since 1997 and sponsored over a dozen charities. In 2011, the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Foundation personally thanked Joe Fiegoli’s NHAI for donations of children’s books, clothing, and games.

The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Foundation was instrumental in establishing a new program for children with terminal illnesses in Westchester, New York. Utilizing a team of experienced professionals, including pediatricians, social workers, home health aides, and counselors, Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester allows children to receive care at home instead of in the hospital. They can also obtain care much sooner. Before the initiative, care at home, if approved, would only be permitted during the final six months of the child’s life.


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