The Kingston Trust Fund

Health insurance executive Joseph E. Fiegoli is the president of National Health Administrators, Inc., a New York-based firm that serves the self-insured health insurance market. Joseph Fiegoli has been helping clients in upstate New York obtain the medical services they need in order to lead a healthy life. One of Joe Fiegoli’s greatest professional achievements during his tenure at National Health Administrators is the development and implementation of the Kingston Trust Health Insurance Plan for the Kingston Teacher’s Federation.

The Kingston Trust Fund provides medical, dental, and life insurance for eligible employees and retirees of the Kingston City School District, as well as for their dependents. It was set up after the school district presented a contract proposal that offered a zero salary increase and a mere 25% contribution to employees’ health insurance, thus prompting the Kingston Teacher’s Federation to look into self-insurance options instead. Joseph Fiegoli presented them an excellent insurance plan and helped them reach a collective bargaining agreement with the Kingston City School District, leading to the establishment of the Trust Fund in 1997. He has received glowing testimonials from the Kingston Teacher’s Federation for his role in its implementation.


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