Dedicated Health Insurance Solutions for Kingston Teachers’ Federation

As founder of Peekskill, New York-based National Health Administrators, Inc., Joseph E. Fiegoli provides a host of self-insured health insurance solutions. Having received numerous client testimonials, Joseph E. Fiegoli and his team particularly welcomed a letter from the Kingston Teachers’ Federation with the title “promises made, promises kept.”

Written in 2005 by the organization’s president, the letter commemorated 10 years of successful service by National Health Administrators. From the outset, Joe Fiegoli promised to create a health care plan that offered the highest levels of health care compensation. The Federation adopted the self-insurance model in 1995 when the school district offered contract proposals that coupled 25 percent higher insurance contributions with no salary increase. Two years later, Joe Fiegoli assisted the Federation in arbitration related to shortfalls in district-promised compensation. He also assisted in the formation of a pioneering preferred-provider organization network and provided achievable pathways toward increased benefits with no corresponding premium increases. The bottom line was that promises were kept and the National Health Administrators team helped the Kingston Teachers’ Federation meet its members’ health care needs and goals.


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