Joseph E. Fiegoli on Special Olympics Events in New York

Joseph Fiegoli, founder of National Health Administrators, Inc., in Peekskill, New York, sponsors the Special Olympics. In New York state, there are some ten or more Special Olympics events each month. Here, Mr. Fiegoli shares a few of his top choices for this spring.

+ Long Island Basketball Tournament on March 3rd. Athletes can register in advance to participate in an all-day basketball invitational at Westhampton Beach High School.

+ North Junior Bowling on April 15th. This event brings bowling enthusiasts together at Roseland Bowl in Genesee, New York.

+ Long Island Powerlifting Competition on April 20th. Special Olympics athletes compete in three events: bench press, deadlift, and combination lifting. An awards ceremony follows the event.

+ Spring Games in May. Several regions, including Hudson Valley, Long Island, and Western, hold Spring Games with a variety of athletic events.

Joe Fiegoli sponsors the Special Olympics as well as the National Resource Defense Council, the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and the New York Mission for Children’s Clothes and Supplies.


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