Choosing a Health Care Provider

Joseph E. Fiegoli is president of National Health Administrators, Inc., a company that provides administrative and management services for sponsors of health care plans. Throughout his more than 20 years of experience in health care, Joseph Fiegoli has helped numerous companies and individuals find affordable care.

The following are tips to consider when choosing between health care providers:

Balance: Plans often offer similar coverage options, but out-of-pocket costs vary dramatically. Consider your budget, likely health care needs, and how much you are willing to pay in both premiums and deductibles.

Providers: Find out whether current physicians and specialists are included in the plan’s network. If not, find out the costs associated with receiving out-of-network care.

Prescriptions: Almost all plans have a formulary, or list of drugs that they cover. These drugs are divided into tiers, and patients will pay more for drugs on higher tiers. Be familiar with which drugs are covered and which tier they fall under.

Plan Type: Become familiar with plan types such as HMOs, EPOs, and PPOs. Each plan differs in terms of benefits and price, and not all insurance companies offer every type of plan.


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